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Oct 18 ~ Day #161
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Current Location: Ogisaka Gardens, Dénia, Alicante, Spain

Today’s Total Expenses: $46.05

Accommodation: $28.14
Food: $17.91 (€13.30 – groceries)

Miles Traveled Today:

Monday Market

This morning we decided we needed to walk back into the main part of town and get more information from the Tourist Information Centre about what there is to see and do.

We also needed to find a bank machine to get some more money out (there just never seems to be enough, does there?). We were supposed to do that yesterday but I forgot to bring my cards with me and the bank machines don’t just give you money because you ask nicely – darn!

On our walk into town we noticed that a large section of one of the main streets was closed to traffic and there was a huge market of just about everything you could think of – clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry, toys and lots more. And, as far as I could tell, the prices seemed not only reasonable but very, very good.

I have to admit that I was sorely tempted to stop and look at some things but, as you know, we’re traveling light and on a very strict budget. But it was still tempting, sigh!

Tourist Information

Even with some language difficulties (mostly that we didn’t speak Spanish) we got a lot of help and information from the Tourist Info Centre.

We found out there was a bus that runs along the coast in Dénia. They start at the centre of the port and go either North or South (east of west?) along the coastline. But that seems to be it for local buses except one that goes to the hospital.

We plan to take the one that goes toward Las Rotas tomorrow. The next day we plan to take the one that goes to Las Marinas and then you can also change buses and continue on along the coastline to Playa Calma. We’re hoping for a little beach time.

Walking Along the “Beach”

There is a beach, with a lovely walking path just a short walk from our hotel. We decided to take a stroll along what we thought was a mostly sandy coastline.

The beach near our hotel, while sandy, really isn’t very big, so we were hoping to find better.

We walked for quite a while in the direction that we’ll actually be taking the bus tomorrow and found mostly rocky coastline. However, the walking path is wonderful – wide and well kept and there always seems to be lots of people taking advantage of it.

A Bit of a Nip in the Air

Even though we are in Southern Spain, the Costa Blanca actually, we’re certainly not as far south as you can get in Spain.

Although the weather is mostly in the 70s, there’s a decided nip in the air whenever there’s a wind or you get out of the sun.

Tonight we even put the heat on in the unit.

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