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Oct 24 ~ Day #167
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Current Location: NH Forum Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

Today’s Total Expenses: $109.61

Accommodation: $73.24
Food: $36.37 (€19.70 lunch buffet + €6.35 groceries)

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Barcelona & Gaudi

Barcelona is synonymous with Gaudi and we were not going to miss the opportunity to see his most famous, and still under construction, work.

La Sagrada Familia

After getting some idea of the distance that La Sagrada Familia was from our hotel, we made the decision to walk to this famous landmark.

Walking, as we have said before, is our favorite method of exploring a new place. We find we get a better feel for things that way rather than only being a spectator from a bus, train or taxi.

It’s fairly apparent that we do a lot of walking given the footwear I’ve been through on this trip. My walking shoes gave out in Croatia and now my very comfy leather sandals are starting to come apart. It’s a good thing we’ll be getting on the ship for our transAtlantic cruise tomorrow.

It didn’t take us as long as expected to get to La Sagrada Familia. It surprised us, though, that the city Barcelona encroached on this cathedral on all sides. It is on a plot of land just large enough to contain it, and no more.

We had expected it to be on a much larger piece of land given it notoriety and importance.

Nonetheless it was fascinating and impressive and we were once again lamenting our lack of a camera.

Lunch in the Shadow of Gaudi

Our tummies were reminding us that it was definitely time for lunch but we weren’t quite ready to leave.

We don’t often eat out but we couldn’t resist the chance to dine with a view of La Sagrada.

So, we splurged a little and treated ourselves to a leisurely lunch overlooking Gaudi’s masterpiece.

Another Gaudi Building – Casa Milà

We had a map of Barcelona with us and took a different route back to our hotel which took us past an apartment building that had been designed by Gauda – Casa Milà.

We didn’t get a chance to see Park Guell which was also designed by Gaudi, on this trip.’

However, we hope to return to Barcelona some day. It’s a beautiful city and we definitely enjoyed our short stay here.

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