Enjoying a Relaxing Sea Day

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Oct 28 ~ Day #171
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Current Location: At Sea On Board the Celebrity Century En Route to Madeira, Portugal

Today’s Total Expenses: $102.34 (cruise cost includes transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment)

Miles Traveled Today:
At sea all day, will record mileage at next port – Madeira, Portugla.

Lazy Days on Board

The days at sea seem relaxing and unrushed, yet seem to go by very quickly nonetheless.

Today consisted mostly of relaxing, reading and wandering the ship.


We had, once again, chosen the late seating for dinner, so we were going to the early entertainment at about 7:00pm.

Tonight was an act from Las Vegas – Sideshow Bert.

While it was fun to watch, we didn’t think it was what could be considered “A List” entertainment. I suppose it must be difficult to get entertainers on a transAtlantic cruise. After all, once we leave the Canary Islands, it’s sea days all the way to Miami.

Repositioning Cruises

You may think that we’ve got the daily expenses wrong on these posts. After all, $102.34 seems like an awfully cheap price for a transAtlantic cruise.

That’s a two-week, all-inclusive vacation. And we do mean all-inclusive – food, accommodation, entertainment AND transportation all rolled into one.

One reason for the price is that this is a “repositioning” cruise. What that means is that the ship had been doing Mediterranean cruises for the summer season and was now being moved to the Caribbean for the winter season.

Although some people actually flew over from North America just to take this cruise, we found that it was the most cost-effective way for us to get back home from our European adventure.

We checked the airfare from Barcelona to Miami and it was over $1100.00 for the two of us. This cruise, which offered us a two-week, all-inclusive vacation, like we said above, and also got us home, only cost us $1432.76 – total – for the two of us!

It was a simple decision. With only a $300 difference, who wouldn’t go for the cruise?

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