Dinosaurs and Hoodoos

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Current Location: Green Haven Sun Club, Balgonie, Saskatchewan

Rosedale Suspension Bridge
The 11 bridges road to Wayne, AB starts in Rosedale which is where you can find the Rosedale Suspension Bridge. This is a foot bridge across the Red Deer River that was used to transport the coal from the Star Coal Mine.

The Dinosaur Trail
The Tyrrell Museum is the must see highlight of Drumheller but there are many other natural attractions in the area. The information center provides a map with a circular route around the area called “The Dinosaur Trail” with all the attractions marked.

Horse Thief Canyon
The Dinosaur Trail takes you past the Tyrrell Museum and up to the top of the cliffs overlooking the Bad Lands. From the lookout you can see the Red Deer River valley where many dinosaur bones have been found.

Bleriot Ferry
You continue along the Dinosaur Trail to the Bleriot Ferry which is a small free ferry service across the river. You drive on, the ferry is cable winched across and you drive off. This is a modern version of the ferries that showed up in some of the old western movies we watched as kids.

The trail loops back to Drumheller and we took highway 10 towards Rosedale again. Ten miles south of Drumheller is the official site of the Hoodoos. Hoodoos are present all over the area but the official site has a large collection in a small area. Unfortunately many moronic tourists crawling all over the area have managed to destroy in just a few years what took millions of years to form.

Believe it or not one particularly thoughtless cretin named “Dave” carved his name on the side of one just four weeks before we arrived. Because the Hoodoos are sandstone there is no way to safely repair the damage.

To prevent any further vandalism the area is be roped off and no one will be able to get too close. Thanks Dave you ruined it for everyone.

Atlas Coal Mine
A little further south on highway 10 is the Atlas Coal Mine where you can take an hour and a half guided tour. Unfortunately we were running late and still had quite a long drive to Regina which is our next stop.

Flooded Trans Canada Hwy
The Alberta Saskatchewan border area has had a lot of rain this season, far more than normal. Many towns were flooded and a portion of the Trans Canada Highway collapsed. We had heard about it on the news and were worried that we may not be able to get through. Fortunately the highway was reopened to single lane traffic just before we got there.

Green Haven Sun Club
It was getting dark when we arrived at the Green Haven Sun Club and the mosquitos were out in force. Getting the tent up while slapping away the little buggers was a miserable experience – but there was much worse to come …

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