Daytona Bike Week

Daytona Beach is only about 50 miles NE of Orlando and is currently home to Bike Week. It was not part of our original vacation plan to visit but after stumbling upon the Spyder at Central Florida PowerSports we couldn’t pass up the chance to test drive one. Since neither of us has a motorcycle license the only way we could ride one is on the track.

We were up bright and early, packed and cleaned up the suite. Hard to believe we created so much garbage in just a week. We were charged a standard cleaning fee anyway so we could have just left it – Oh, well!

The sun was shining, the drive was easy and in no time we were following dozens of motorcycles to the Daytona Speedway. As you might expect the grounds are huge and packed with exhibitors. We hadn’t given any thought to finding the Spyder exhibit once we arrived but once again fate was smiling on us as we were directed into the parking lot right next to – you guessed it – the Spyder exhibit.

The staff were signing people up for test drives but we would only be able to drive around the test track they had set up. We got to drive both the sport model and the touring model, which is the one we are interested in.

Vicky had never driven a motorcycle before but had no difficulty learning the simple controls.

Several Spyder dealers and customizers had supplied bikes fitted out with available 3rd party add-ons and paint jobs.

We spent a little time wandering around the exhibits but we had to leave much earlier than we wanted if we were to make the last train from Fort Lauderdale to Miami. It turns out that it was a good thing we didn’t try to push the time too much. We arrived in Fort Lauderdale and put out car back in storage with lots of time to spare. In fact, if the cab had arrived in a reasonable time, we could have caught an earlier train back to Miami airport. As it was, we had to make several desperate calls to the cab company and then just made it for the last train.

CanAm Spyder

Turned out to be a pretty long day but we’re glad we had the chance to ride the Spyder. We have been invited to tour the factory when we get back to Canada. We hope to do that some time in July.

If you’re interested in one of these machines, be sure to check out our post then as I’m sure we will have some great video of them being made.

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