Day Five of Greek Islands Cruise – Corfu, Greece

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Oct 08 ~ Day #151
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Current Location: On Board the MSC Musica visiting the island of Corfu, Greece

Today’s Total Expenses: $187.61

Cruise: $178.51 (cruise cost includes transportation, accommodation and food)
Food: $9.10 (€6.00 for baklava, €1.00 for milk)

Miles Traveled Today:
Sea Miles: 436.1 (379 Nautical Miles, Piraeus to Corfu)

Overall Shipboard Service

Yesterday we mentioned about the service in the dining room being rushed and poorly handled.

Today we’re going to talk about the service to our stateroom.

You Shouldn’t Have To Ask For Toilet Paper!

On more than one occasion, we had to track down the room stewards after they’d already cleaned or room, to remind them that we needed toilet paper. Wouldn’t you think that would be something they’d check?

At other times we also had to ask from fresh towels and soap.

Exploring Corfu

MSC had again arranged for a shuttle bus at the cost of €7.00 per person. We just walked into town. It wasn’t that far.

Greek Real Estate

As one of our many retirement ideas has included the possibility of moving to Europe, we thought we’d take the opportunity to visit some real estate offices while we were in Corfu. That was, of course, if we could actually FIND any real estate offices.

After wandering around the town, we finally came across one real estate office down a narrow side street (actually, there were lots of narrow side streets). We popped in and inquired about properties, in Corfu, in the €100,000 to €150,000 range and were pretty much laughed out of the office! We really didn’t appreciate their attitude, told them so and left.

Just a few street down we stumbled across another real estate office. It was up three flights of stairs and you had to be buzzed in through a locked door. While this didn’t seem very customer-friendly we decided to give our inquiry another try.

Although the real estate agent wasn’t in the office, the receptionist was very friendly and very helpful. She was perfectly aghast at the reception we had received at the other real estate office. She was certain that the agent would be able to find several properties in the price range specified.

We left the office with brochures, the agent’s business card and a much better feeling about Corfu real estate agents.

Greek Baklava

As the island of Corfu was going to be our last stop in Greece, we decided that we simply must treat ourselves to some genuine Greek Baklava.

We happened upon a tiny bakery down yet another narrow side street, that specialized in all different kinds of baklava. We were like kids in a candy store, or rather, a pastry shop.

It was difficult trying to decide what to have. Everything – absolutely everything – was tempting.

We each picked a good-sized, gooey pastry and our selections were gently placed in a crisp, white paper bag.

We had not asked about the prices before making our selections and there wren’t any price signs displayed anywhere. So, when the total for the two pastries was €6.00 we were a little taken aback but paid the amount requested and left with our treasures.

We couldn’t wait to taste the baklava and each took a single bite. They were wonderful! The phyllo pastry was crisp and the honey was sweet and sticky – just as it should be. However, we realized very quickly that we were going to need either some coffee or some milk to wash down these gooey delights.

We stopped into a small grocery store and purchased a liter of cold milk.

We then found and iron bench in a park setting and leisurely enjoyed the baklava between big gulps of cold, fresh milk.


Who needs fancy restaurants when such simple pleasures lead to such lasting memories?

Back to the Ship

After enjoying an unhurried stroll to try to wear off some of the baklava, we headed back to the ship.

Along the way we stopped to admire an ocean view and met a lovely British lady who was staying at a villa in the countryside.

We meet the nicest people while traveling.

Back on the ship we settled back into the shipboard routine of the early show and then dinner.

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