Day 100 – Already?

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Aug 18 ~ Day #100
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Current Location: Kissimmee, Florida

Today’s Total Expenses: $30.00

Accommodation: $30.00

Day 100 of Our Trip

It hard to believe, but we’re already at 100 days into our trip. Wow! Triple digits already.

Most days it doesn’t seem like we’ve been traveling for that long. But there are days …

We found that the most tiring part of the trip so far is the driving. We’ve put an awful lot of miles on our car and there have been way too many days when all we see is highways – and after a while they just all start to look the same. We have to remind ourselves what State or Province we’re in.

Good portions of the long drives are just plain BORING. But, we need to get from A to B, so we push on.

Now that we’re at the timeshare we had booked in Florida, the majority of the driving is over and, truthfully, we’re really glad about that.

Cheap Tickets & Timeshare

We had thought about spending some time at Universal. After all, the new Harry Potter experience is open.

So, we stopped in at a place offering discount tickets – they seem to be on just about every corner.

Part of their spiel, of course, were timeshare bribes. We were offered $100 to take a timeshare tour of Westgate and we though – why not? Trading some of our time for adding $100 to our trip finances seemed reasonable. And, we know exactly what to expect from timeshare presentations. After all, we already own timeshare at two different places and are using quite a bit of our time during this extended trip. We knew full well that we weren’t going to be talked into buying more. We don’t need it.

The Westgate Resort is actually associated with Interval International and is actually Weeks, not Points. One of our timeshare resorts is Weeks and the other one is Points and we much prefer Weeks. We feel we get much more when we exchange.

Even though we really like the Westgate Resort, and our salesperson was great, as planned, we did not invest in more timeshare and simply collected our $100 cash bribe.

Another Option

As we were leaving the gift center of Westgate, we were presented with another opportunity for a presentation about lowering travel expenses that, apparently, was not timeshare.

The bribes to attend this presentation weren’t as good – a couple of weeks in a condo and another visit to Florida including some theme park tickets – but we decided to attend anyway.

But that’s schedule for tomorrow so we’ll tell you all about it then …

Downtown Disney

Since we didn’t go to Universal City Walk yesterday, we decided to swing by Downtown Disney today – where we KNOW we won’t have to pay for parking.

Although it is mostly shops and restaurants, it’s still a pleasant place just to walk around and some of the shops are interesting.

We even got pictures of each other on the Easy Rider motorcycle in the Harley Davidson shop.

Disney, like just about everyone else, also sells timeshare.

We spoke with one of their reps and they, of course, tried to talk us into taking their tour. Like most of them say, it’s only about 90 minutes (rarely is it ever that short) and they try to sign you up for a tour right then.

Well, as we all know, timeshares offer various types of bribes to get you to take their tours. Anything from cheap or free attractions tickets to cash or gift cards.

So, what does Disney offer? Ice cream! No kidding, that’s what we were told. If we took their timeshare tour they’d let us pick whatever ice cream we’d like.

Is Disney really so arrogant that they believe they can use a bit of ice cream to bribe people to sit through 90 minutes (or more) of someone trying to sell them timeshare?

Perhaps they are. Disney, of course, is a business like anything else. They’re there to make money. Sure Mickey and all the characters are cute, but don’t ever forget that first and foremost Disney is a corporation.

Rain Dates

We also discovered that a lot of the theme parks are now offering rain date passes – so if you’re day is ruined by a lot of rain, you can use your pass again on another day.

Not Disney – if your day gets ruined by rain, well, that’s just too bad. Once you’ve gone through the gate, you’ve used that day of your pass.

And, since we’ve been here this time we’ve had a LOT of rain. We’ve often said that we feel sorry for the people that lose a good portion of their day in the park to rain. And some days the rain has been torrential and has lasted a good portion of the day.

Actually, we’ve been to Florida many times and we’ve experienced a lot of rain almost any time we’ve been here. So, how come they call Florida “The Sunshine State”?

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