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Out of all the traveling we do we like cruising the best. It gives us a chance to sample each place without making a long time commitment.

Geoff started cruising when he was nine and traveled from Southampton to New York on the Cunard Mauretania. He returned to England on the maiden voyage of the Cunard Saxonia. He didn’t know at the time, of course, but he would later take the same ship, now renamed the Cunard RMS Carmania, from Liverpool to Montreal when he emigrated to Canada in October 1963.

Vicky was never exposed to cruising until we took our first cruise together in August of 1997. It was a Caribbean cruise out of San Juan, Puerto Rico on Carnival. The itinerary of that cruise is now lost in the mists of time, however, it was on that cruise that we heard about the death of Princess Diana.

So far (as of September 2016), we have taken a total of eight cruises together for a total of 87 days! Our shortest cruise was a 4-day Caribbean Cruise and our longest one was a 28-day TransAtlantic/Panama Canal Cruise that began in Copenhagen, Denmark and ended in Los Angeles, California. We have detailed most of our cruises in our blog posts.

We have traveled with five different cruise lines: Holland America, Celebrity, Carnival, Norwegian and MSC (arranged in our order of preference).