Cold in Sunny Chinooks

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June 25 ~Day #46
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Current Location: Sunny Chinooks, Sundre, Alberta

I guess we should have invested in a tent heater before we started out on this trip but it really didn’t occur to us. Last night was cold – not as cold as it was at the Grand Canyon – but still colder than we are willing to bear.

The problem is the air in the air mattress we sleep on never gets warm. It wouldn’t make any difference how many blankets we pile on top of us – the mattress will remain cold.

We had to make a run into Sundre to do laundry and buy a few groceries so we decided to look for some kind of mattress pad. Sundre is a very small town without a lot of shops but we did find a quilted pad we hope will make some difference.

Also the Laundromat had free wi-fi so Vicky was able to call her son T and wish him happy birthday.

Sunny Chinooks is a cooperative where all the members help with running the camp. Jobs they can’t handle themselves they farm out to a contractor. For the past few days a contractor has been installing a fiberglass floor in the new shower building. He is doing a wonderful job but it really stinks and our tent is pitched downwind. He says he will be finished tonight and the smell will only last a few hours.

While he is here everyone is remaining clothed which feels very strange.

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