Sunny Chinooks Sundre Alberta

Christmas in June

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June 26 ~Day #47
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Current Location: Sunny Chinooks near Sundre, Alberta

Today’s Total Expenses: $31.00

Sunny Chinooks Sundre Alberta

Cold Evenings, Heavy Dew, Beautiful Days
We are still almost 4000 ft above sea level here, so the nights are pretty cold. The extra blankie we bought yesterday has helped at bit but cuddling through the night seems to help the most. Actually, Geoff is pretty much forced to cuddle as I, apparently, am taking up the lion’s share of the inflatable mattress. But he doesn’t seem to mind.

Each morning brings a heavy dew that usually burns off around 10:00am, or so and then the days have been amazingly sunny and warm. We’ve even had to resort to hats and sunscreen.

Warming in the Hot Tub
It has become our ritual during this stay to warm up in the hot tub each morning and to do the same thing each evening before going to bed.

Camping to save some money is a great idea, but sometimes it can be a little hard to take when the evenings are really cool.

Christmas in June
Our third day camping here brought an unexpected treat – Christmas in June!

It is, apparently, a tradition among the more permanent residents of the camp to celebrate Christmas in June as they are unlikely to see each other much in the winter.

We were invited to join in the festivities and are truly grateful.

Everyone pitched in and created a wonderful turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Two turkeys were cooked to perfection and there were mashed potatoes, gravy, Brussel sprouts (my personal favourite) and more salads and side dishes than you can imagine. Ooops! Almost forgot to mention there was an abundant supply of cranberry sauce – also something I really like.

Then there was the dessert table. Well! It was fully stocked, to say the least, with items ranging from trifle to rhubarb crisp to traditional Christmas fruitcake and even a birthday cake (and I haven’t even come close to mentioning ALL the desserts).

I swear I gained at least 5 lbs just perusing all the selections before I even chose my dessert(s).

Unique Christmas Gift Exchange

Immediately following this fantastic meal that left us all feeling satisfied and happy, there was a unique form of gift exchange. I just hope I can explain it. It was such fun to watch.

We didn’t participate as it was simply serendipity that we arrived for this event, so we didn’t have any gifts to enter into the gift exchange. Also, because we are trying to travel very light, we really didn’t want anything extra added to our traveling load. But all the gifts were certainly lovely.

Here’s how this gift exchange works:
everyone picks a number from a hat – when your number is called, you pick a wrapped gift from the gift table, open it and display it to everyone else. When the next person’s number is called, they have the option of picking a wrapped gift from the gift table or STEALING yours! If yours gets “stolen” then you get to pick another wrapped gift. This goes on until all the gifts have been given out.

There appear to be only two rules – you can’t “steal” back a gift that was taken from you and a gift can only be “stolen” twice. So, if you’re the lucky person that steals it the second time – it’s yours to keep.

It was uproariously funny, with lots of good-natured “stealing” going on and plenty of sarcastic quips as items were stolen and re-stolen.

The evening ended with everyone sitting around a huge campfire until we all slowly headed off to bed when we could no longer keep our eyes open.

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