Chilliwack to 100 Mile House Through Hell’s Gate

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June 21 ~Day #42
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Current Location: 100 Mile House, BC

Transportation: $79.00 gas
Accommodation: $17.75 incl showers
Food: $15.16 groceries

On The Road Again
There was a light rain this morning but it felt good to be back on the road again. We are headed towards Jasper and Banff Provincial parks in the Rocky Mountains.

There is quick route through the mountains called the Coquihalla (pronounced coka-holla) – Hwy 5, but it is not the scenic route. We took the Trans Canada – Hwy 1 from Chilliwack to Cache Creek then Hwy 97 to 100 Mile House. Yes that is the actual name of the town. Back in 1862 it was just a roadhouses that was located 100 miles up the Old Cariboo Road which which was a resting spot for travelers during the Cariboo Gold Rush

Hell’s Gate
The Trans Canada winds through some spectacular mountain scenery but it is just a prelude to the Glacier Highway we’ll be following through The Rockies in a couple of days.

The highway follows the Fraser River valley through the Coast Mountains. At one point the river passes through a narrow gorge called Hell’s Gate. There is a cable car you can take to a viewing platform and gift shop where you can get a better look but at $19 each there was no way we could justify the expense – besides it was still raining.

Maybe I’m just getting old and curmudgeonly but it feels like more and more tourist attractions are trying to rip me off. It seems to be a kind of vicious circle – business is poor so they raise the prices. The higher prices mean less people will buy a ticket which means business is worse. The only ones unaffected seem to be the Japanese tourists that visit the area by the bus load.

100 Mile House
100 Mile House is much larger than I expected with a good selection of stores but none seem to be open past 6pm. None except for the grocery store and we apparently needed more groceries.

In the middle of town is the 100 Mile Motel and RV Park where we pitched our tent for $15 which included wi-fi but not showers. The showers cost $1 for four minutes which is just enough time if you’re quick.

Turns out the Wi-Fi only sort of worked (which we are getting used to on this trip) but the site was clean and dry and the shower block was close. For $15 we thought we got a good deal.

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