Checking Out Real Estate in Spain

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Oct 20 ~ Day #163
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Current Location: Ogisaka Gardens, Dénia, Alicante, Spain

Today’s Total Expenses: $40.99

Accommodation: $28.14
Food: $12.85 (€9.20 – groceries)

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Real Estate Agent in Spain

This trip is about more than just showing how easy it is to travel cheaply. It is also for us to try to determine where we might like to live in Europe.

We have decided that it’s time to consider moving to our “final” house. So, a lot of this trip has also been to get a “taste” of the countries we might want to look into in more detail.

As Geoff is also a British Citizen, that opens up the entire European Union to us.

So, along the way, we have also been looking at the cost of real estate, the cost of living, the culture, the “feel” of each country, etc.

Because our Spanish is very limited – okay, let’s be honest then – pretty much non-existent – we wanted to talk to a real estate agent that spoke English.

As luck would have it, on one of our walks earlier in the week, we passed by an office that seemed to fit the bill. The sign said “Estate Agent” and they also displayed a British flag, so we decided to head back to their office today.

We spoke with Shirley Barker of Abbey Properties who was very helpful.

Even though we explained that our timetable meant we would probably not be back for about a year and even then we may rent for a while before we considered buying, she was happy to show us what properties were available in our price range and explain the process of purchasing property in Spain.

We even left with some printouts of various properties in our price range knowing full well that these exact properties would not be available in a year’s time.

Shirley herself was British married to an Australian and they have lived in Spain for over 40 years. Thanks Shirley!

Planning for Tomorrow’s Adventure

Up until this point we had not been all that impressed with the “beaches” we had found around Dénia. However, after talking with Shirley at Abbey Properties, she assured us that there was over 20 miles of beach stretching from the Port of Dénia North (east?).

There is a bus that leaves from the port heading that way and we decided that that is what we would do tomorrow.

Downtime and Dinner

So, the balance of the day was just a lazy day and some downtime.

We made ourselves a lovely pork chop dinner this evening, that was quite a challenge given that we only have a two-burner stove, but it was delicious.

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