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Nov 18 ~ Day #192
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Current Location: Davie, Florida

Today’s Total Expenses: $89.21

Transportation: $52.00 (gas)
Accommodation: $31.47 (camping)
Food: $5.74 (lunch)

Miles Traveled Today:
Road Miles: 249.4 (Land O’Lakes to Davie, Florida)

Checking Out

When we checked out this morning there was no charge for ground fees added to our account, thank goodness. As per yesterday’s post we were a bit concerned that they were going to try to charge us $100/day ground fees, but they didn’t.

However, there was an error on our bill. We were being charged for a bar bill that we didn’t incur. We explained that to them and they said they’d check with the food services manager. However, that person wasn’t available.

We made it quite clear that that wasn’t our charge but they didn’t seem that convinced. I was actually starting to get a little annoyed. They looked up the bill and it was for the types of drinks that Geoff and I never have. We insisted the charge be removed.

They seemed reluctant, but couldn’t find a manager to sign off so we made a note on the bill. They said they wouldn’t charge our card until the matter was resolved (not really sure what they meant by that – it wasn’t our charge, plain and simple).

Note: March 4, 2011 – Believe it or not, Caliente only JUST charged our card (on Feb. 28, 2011) for our Nov. 11-18 stay AND they charged the FULL amount. We were not happy.

I called and left several messages with the accounting department and never got a call back. I gave up leaving messages and talked to someone on the front desk. They assured me that they’d immediately credit our card for the disputed amount but it might take 48-72 hours for the credit to show up.

The credit did show up on our card on March 4th, so they were good to their word.

Back to Davie, Florida

We then hit the road for the drive back to Davie, Florida where we’ll stay until our flight back to Eleuthera on November 23rd.

It was a pleasant day for a drive and, again, we took the less-traveled route as we were in no particular hurry.

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