Mega Trip 2019 – The Geezers Have Begun Planning Their Next Adventure

Starting With the Anchor of Our Trip To be honest, we started planning this adventure, on kind of a whim, almost a year ago. Geoff is always scanning upcoming cruises on the iCruise app on his iPad or checking the emails we receive on a regular basis from Vacations To Go and the various cruise… Read…

Getting to the Cruise – May 3 – 5, 2018

Airline Seats
It seems that we didn’t do a great job of keeping notes on this trip. Don’t know why, but it seems like we really dropped the ball. However, we’ll try to come up with as much information as possible. In this post we’re going to be getting from our home in Northern Ontario to San… Read…

Itinerary for Our 2014 Adventure

Our 2014 Adventure We began this adventure on July 21, 2014. Well, it’s a year later, the trip is over, but the memories remain. Here’s a quick look at our itinerary before we begin the individual posts documenting this fun, amazing and educational trip. July 21 Bus to Thunder bay… Read MoreItinerary for Our 2014 Adventure »

We Did It!

Nov 23 ~ Day #197 Budget to date Spent today Total to date Daily average Total $19700 $15.00 $17041.71 $86.51 Miles by Road Miles by Sea Miles by Air Miles by Train Total Miles 16084.6 12056.7 7662 196 35999.3 We Did It! When we began this adventure we set ourselves… Read MoreWe Did It! »