Mega Trip 2019 – The Geezers Have Begun Planning Their Next Adventure

Starting With the Anchor of Our Trip To be honest, we started planning this adventure, on kind of a whim, almost a year ago. Geoff is always scanning upcoming cruises on the iCruise app on his iPad or checking the emails we receive on a regular basis from Vacations To Go and the various cruise… Read…

Paris to Lyon

A Year Ago Today A year ago today, August 12, 2014, we took our first European train ride from Paris to Lyon and got to visit some dear friends. Leaving Paris We got up at a reasonable hour but didn’t feel the need to rush as our train wasn’t leaving… Read MoreParis to Lyon »

Our First Day in Paris

A Year Ago Today A year ago today, August 11, 2014, was our first, and only, full day in Paris. Our First – And Only – Full Day in Paris With the frustrations of actually getting here quickly fading in our memories, we looked forward to the only full day… Read MoreOur First Day in Paris »