Schreiber, Ontario

Our Canadian home is located at the Northern most point of Lake Superior.

Getting to the Cruise – May 3 – 5, 2018

Airline Seats
It seems that we didn’t do a great job of keeping notes on this trip. Don’t know why, but it seems like we really dropped the ball. However, we’ll try to come up with as much information as possible. In this post we’re going to be getting from our home in Northern Ontario to San… Read…

Jumping in Front of a Bus

A Year Ago Today Well, it’s been a year since we started our last adventure, so we figured it was time to start blogging about it, and also try to figure out where the heck a year went! While we were traveling we didn’t have much time to blog and… Read More »Jumping in Front of a Bus

Visiting with Family

July 21 ~ Day #72 Budget to date Spent today Total to date Daily average Total $7200 $0.00 $7253.59 $100.74 Miles by Road Nautical Miles Miles by Air Miles by Train Total Statute Miles 9285 3856 [4437] 000 69 13791 July 23 ~ Day #74 Budget to date Spent today… Read More »Visiting with Family