Costa Cruise Lines Laundry Fail

On January 2nd, we sent an email to Costa Cruise Lines after discovering that they had written DIRECTLY on the fabric of garments we sent for laundering, just prior to leaving the ship. It has now been a week and the only response we have received so far ...


Fly Naked!

Flying days always start out okay. Up and packed in lots of time, the free hotel breakfast is uninspired but adequate, the shuttle gets you to the airport then you get to airport check in. The process just gets longer and longer. We had already bought an ...


Remember When Baked Beans Filled The Can?

We both work pretty hard each day keeping our stores healthy and responding to customers but Vicky seems to do the bulk of the work so I at least try to make lunch for us. Nothing fancy, just soup or a sandwich. Today I was craving some baked beans on toa ...


Remember when TV was free?

There was a time, way back in history, when TV was free. You probably find that hard to believe but I remember it, I was there – and I’m not that old, regardless of what my kids say.