004 Getting Online

There are ways to make money online without a website but I don’t do any of them so I won’t be writing about them. We do, however have several websites so that is the topic of this post. Hosting Everything you see online is just a digital file, same as you have on your own… Read…


003 What are your passions?

OK, time to get down to some serious work. Do what you enjoy Working online has many benefits but it is still a job. It doesn't make any more sense to do something you don't like online than it does in the real world. It really doesn't matter ho ...


002 How Do We Make Money Online?

There are literally hundreds of ways you can use the Internet to make money but as digital nomads we will confine our search to ways that allow us to travel. So this requirement will rule out many types of eCommerce that require you to physically ship a product. You can also rule out anything that… Read…


001 How Do We Pay The Bills?

We are often asked, “How do you afford your lifestyle?” and to be honest, we sometimes wonder ourselves. It has taken us many years of experimenting and tweaking but all the work is finally starting to pay off. It’s the Internet, of course, that makes it all possible. Wherever we travel we always have access… Read…

Geoff & Vicky

2014 Mega Trip

The Geezers are on the move again!This trip is not nearly as long, or extensive, as the one in 2010 when we set ourselves the challenge to travel for almost SEVEN months on less than $100/day. And we achieved our goal, too, coming in at much less than ...


Do You Remember Lawn Darts?

We remember Lawn Darts! Yes, this “toy” was actually banned because of numerous injuries. Hey, who wouldn’t want to throw pointy metal objects at each other. That MUST be fun!


Remember When Baked Beans Filled The Can?

We both work pretty hard each day keeping our stores healthy and responding to customers but Vicky seems to do the bulk of the work so I at least try to make lunch for us. Nothing fancy, just soup or a sandwich. Today I was craving some baked beans on toa ...


Remember when TV was free?

There was a time, way back in history, when TV was free. You probably find that hard to believe but I remember it, I was there – and I’m not that old, regardless of what my kids say.