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Aug 23 ~ Day #105
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Current Location: Vacation Village at Parkway, Kissimmee, Florida

Accommodation: $30.00

Today’s Total Expenses: $30.00

All Carb Breakfast

This morning we were invited to the Manager’s Welcome Breakfast and they had already told us that breakfast would be doughnuts and coffee along with meeting a lot of the people responsible for running this resort.

The turnout was kind of small, given the size of the resort. However, it was interesting to meet some of the people that make this place run so well.

In addition, we met a few others who either exchanged into the resort, like we did, or own here. We met some very interesting people from around the US and even some from the UK.

Disgruntled Internet Users

One of the main topics of discussion was the cost for a WiFi connection when so many other places provide that service for free.

One gentleman that actually owns two weeks at this resort was particularly upset with the exorbitant charge for a service he felt should be free.

The explanation was that it was expensive for the original installation of WiFi capability and, rather than add the expense to the owners’ maintenance fees, they were passing the cost on to those who actually used it. It seemed a rather thin explanation and it didn’t appease most people. Particularly when, these days, even rinky dink Motel 6’s offer free WiFi

A GOOD Timeshare Lunch

Today is the day we promised to attend the owner’s lunch that wasn’t supposed to be a bid to sell us more timeshare (wink, wink).

The lunch was actually wonderful. We went to a real restaurant in the Disney town of Celebration and had freshly baked bread and Cuban pork with rice and black beans. It was really very tasty and totally unexpected.

However, we then had to work for our lunch by fending off attempts to get us to buy more timeshare. Our salesperson was certainly persistent and we finally had to say we’d had enough.

Of course, that just gets you passed on to the next person, who then tries to sell you a resale, or something more “affordable”.

The prices went from $40,000 to $30,000 to $9,000 to $3,500! No kidding.

But, we persevered only to be told that we now had to drive a fair distance just to collect the promised bribe.

As I mentioned in a earlier post, a 90-minute presentation is rarely that. We arrived at noon and it was after 4:00pm when we were finally at the Gifting Center to collect our promised bribe.

That was pretty much our day shot so we spent a little more time in the resort’s computer room, some time at the pool and then dinner, drinks, relaxing, TV.

Ah, what a glamorous life we lead! (chuckle)

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