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Current Location: Green Haven Sun Club, Balgonie, Saskatchewan

Good Nights Sleep
Thankfully we got a good nights sleep last night. The mosquitos are still around but at least there aren’t hundreds of them trying to sleep with us.

More New Friends
Today is Canada Day so many camp residents took the opportunity to come out and relax in the sun. We were introduced all round and we struck up some interesting conversations. Today is Thursday and many Canadians will have to return to work tomorrow so we won’t get to meet a lot of the members until the weekend.

Canada Day Celebration
Canadians aren’t normally big flag wavers but on Canada Day they all come out for one big patriotic blow out. The folks at Green Haven decided to have a parade and decorated all the golf carts and riding lawn mowers with red and white bunting and Canadian flags. Even the dogs were sporting red and white rosettes and maple leafs.

We are the crowd
Everyone got it involved with the parade to the point that there was no one left to be the cheering crowd. That’s where we and another visiting couple came in. We did our best to make as much noise as possible and I guess we did a good job because the parade did a second pass. Yeah it was silly but everyone had a good time.

Perfect Evening
After the sun went down we all gathered around the campfire and occasionally spent some time in the sauna. All in all a good day and a good night’s mosquitos-free sleep.

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