Burry Port Harbour

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Location: Burry Port, Wales

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Burry Port Harbour

It was a beautiful sunny day so E suggested that we take a long walk and see Burry Port Harbour.

There was a bit of a chill in the air – it’s September, after all – so we dressed appropriately for our outing. We all had good walking shoes, long pants and jackets.

The tide was way out but E warned us that, when it comes in, it can come in very quickly, so we always had an eye to the water as we explored the shoreline.

The sand, which was wet but solid, seemed to go on forever. It looked like you could almost walk over to the Gower (a peninsula directly across from the harbour).

Millennium Walking Path

The town of Burry Port had built an extensive walking path along the harbour and shoreline as their millennium project.

We certainly took advantage of it, as many other people were, too, to explore even further.

As we walked we noticed that even here there were still lots of wild blackberries on the bushes, but we didn’t pick any this time.

Stone Monolith

We came across a stone monolith, in a stone circle, while walking the Millennium path. It was quite impressive and obviously erected recently (meaning not an ancient artifact). But there was nothing to say what it was for, or why it was erected and by whom.

Nonetheless we enjoyed discovering it.

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