Boise, Idaho to Seattle, Washington

Our transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment cost so far

May 23 ~ Day # 13
Budget to date
Spent today
Total to date
Daily average

Location: Kent Washington

Today’s Mileage: 503 Total: 4340

Today’s Total Expenses: $107.80

Transportation: $46.00
Accommodation: $42.20
Food: $19.60

We were up for an early start as we had to get to Seattle for reservations we had at the Howard Johnson Hotel in Kent, just outside Seattle.

We’ll be spending a couple of days in the Seattle area as Geoff has a couple of business meetings to attend. I won’t bore you with the details.

Rodeway Inn Hot Breakfast

We were really looking forward to the hot breakfast that was promised in the coupon we had used to stay at the Rodeway Inn. After all, we had paid an extra $10 over the advertised amount because they only had a king bed room, so we were hoping that breakfast would make up for the extra expense.

No such luck – the breakfast was very, very disappointing. I think one of the regular continental breakfasts we’ve had would have been better than this.

So, just what did they think constituted a hot breakfast? There were doughy, warm biscuits; sausage gravy that was also warm but horrible; a crock pot full of oatmeal that was thicker than wallpaper paste; make-your-own waffles with an appliance that really didn’t work very well; coffee and tea; about a half dozen slices of white bread if you wanted to make toast; a few muffins and some juice. We actually ate very little and had a hard time seeing how they could refer to this as a “full hot breakfast.”

Sorry, Rodeway Inn, we not only weren’t impressed, we were really disappointed.

We told Madge (our Magellan GPS) to get us to Seattle via the most use of freeways as we had about 500 miles to cover. She obliged with a good route to get us to our destination.

We actually arrived in Kent fairly early – about 4pm. The fact that the time changed along the way and we gained an hour helped as well.

The drive itself was fairly unremarkable. Just more highway to cover. However, I insisted on doing most of the early driving because I was anticipating that at some point we would have to drive through a mountain pass and I didn’t want to be the one driving when that happened. I get sweaty palms and an elevated heart rate whenever I’m near any unprotected edges. Not good when driving.

As it turned out, there were no perilous passes along the way, so I could have driven it, but better safe than sorry. Geoff is much better at driving on any such roads, like he did for the scenic route from Monument Valley to Salt Lake City.

Howard Johnson’s Hotels Hit a Home Run with Us

When we arrived at the Howard Johnson’s in Kent, we were greeted warmly and our reservation was retrieved quickly. We were told that the queen room we had booked for two nights was not available but they were happy to upgrade us to a king room at no additional charge!

They also told us that our room keys were good for a 10% discount at Denny’s, just across the street, and a 15% discount at a Mexican restaurant right next door.

We opted for Mexican and both had a yummy chicken taco salad. It was nicely presented, tasty and filling.

Another bonus, the WiFi connection was amazing and we were able to retrieve emails and get some other work done, too.

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