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Oct 13 ~ Day #156
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Current Location: Burry Port, Wales

Today’s Total Expenses: $22.76

Transportation: $13.39 (€10.00)
Food: $9.37 (pizza – €7.00)

Miles Traveled Today:
Road Miles: 93 (20 miles – Venice to Treviso + 73 miles – Bristol to Burry Port)
Air Miles: 786 (Treviso to Bristol)

Last Stop at Our Favorite Café

Before checking out of our hotel, we again had breakfast at the corner café. Although this was only our third time here, it was a ritual we were going to miss.

Our coffee of choice was, yet again, cappuccino. After perusing the available pastries we chose something that most certainly had to be bad for us but we slowly savored every bite.

Checking Out of Our Venice Hotel

Knowing that the reception area of the hotel was on the second floor (our room was actually in a different building) we knew better than to drag our luggage up two flights of stairs just to check out.

As the room cost had been paid in advance, all we really had to do was return the key. I waited with the luggage while Geoff did that.

Venice Bus Station

With our luggage in hand we headed for the Venice bus station. This was easy to find as we already knew where it was – just across a bridge from the Venice train station.

From our hotel we walked along the Grand Canal until we saw the train station. Then we took the large, wide, white bridge across – you guessed it – another canal.

After that it was just a matter of dodging some traffic (and, remember, I already said that Italian drivers are crazy!) to get to the ticket office.

We purchased our tickets and went to the designated area to wait for our bus to arrive.

In keeping with my usual nervousness about missing any transportation, we had arrived more than half an hour ahead of schedule. But I was happy to wait knowing that we wouldn’t “miss the bus”.

Overall Impression of Venice

Truth be told, we weren’t all that sad to be leaving Venice. Three days was plenty for us.

We know that lots of people see Venice as a romantic destinations, but we didn’t. Actually, we saw it as rather run down and dirty. Most places were in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint. There was graffiti everywhere and the streets were dirty. We noticed that the length of time it took to get dog poop cleared off the streets was determined by how many people had walked through the poop and whether or not the canal overflowed and rinsed it with dirty water. Yuck!

Apologies to all those who rave about Venice but it’s not a city that we’ll be visiting again.

European Bus Travel

There were two buses that day that went to the Treviso airport. One left in the morning and got to the airport hours and hours before our flight back to the UK and the other one arrived at the airport in the evening less than an hour before the flight.

We took the earlier bus for two reasons – we didn’t want to be dragging our luggage around Venice and – we didn’t want to take the change of being late for our flight.

We had packed a lunch, we both had good books to read, so were were good to go.

Our bus arrived and it was modern, comfortable and clean.

The towns along the route were much more prosperous looking as wells as cleaner and more modern. There was lots of open space and even some farming along the way.

The trip took about an hour, even though we only covered about 20 miles. However, it was a pleasant and relaxing journey.

Treviso Airport

We arrived at Treviso airport at about noon, which meant we had about and 8 hour wait for our flight.

We found ourselves some comfy seat, at least as comfy as you can get in an airport. We had our packed lunch and then cracked open our books and immersed ourselves in their pages.

What? Pizza Again?

Although we had packed a lunch for today we hadn’t packed anything for dinner.

Geoff checked out the small café in the airport and, like all airports, the food was hugely expensive and the selection was extremely limited.

Geoff decided to head out of the airport to see if he could find a take-away with a better selection and better prices.

To my surprise he returned with a pizza in hand!

I was a bit confused seeing that we were still in Italy and our track record with pizzas had not been great. But, once again, it was the best deal of what was available.

To our delight, it was actually the best pizza we had while in Italy. Geoff explained that the place he got it from was actually run by orientals. Hmmmm – could that have something to do with it?

We had the pizza with our last one liter tetrapak of the €0.70 red wine. It was actually a pretty good meal.

Reunited With Our Traveling Companions

Shortly after we’d finished our dinner our traveling companions showed up.

While we were waiting for our flight to be called we swapped stories of our adventures over the last three days.

RyanAir On Time – Again!

Our RyanAir flight boarded on time, took off on time and landed in Bristol on time.

It was an uneventful fligh, which is the kind we like to have.

Late Arrival Back in Wales

After arriving back in Bristol, T & E picked up their cars. T headed back to Coventry so he could be back at work the next day. We piled into E’s car for the two-hour drive back to Burry Port in Wales.

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