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Sep 09 ~ Day #122
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Current Location: Customs House, London, England

Today’s Total Expenses: $113.79

Transportation: $19.94 (£12.60 transit pass)

Accommodation: $75.64

Food: $18.21 (£11.50 – groceries at Sainsburys)

Back to Victoria Station

It was a good thing that we had planned to do more sightseeing in London today.

After getting back to our hotel we noticed that the tickets we had bought to Coventry had been issued incorrectly. One of them was correct – for tomorrow (Friday), however, the other one had been issued for the day we purchased it – yesterday!

We were lucky to get the same gentleman that had issued the tickets for us yesterday and struck his forehead with the palm of his hand and said, “Yes, that sounds like something I might do.” And, he immediately issued a corrected ticket and all was well.

More Sightseeing in London

There is just so much to see in London that you can’t possibly do it all in just a few days.

But we were able to add the following places to the list of things we’d seen:

The Tower of London

It is strange to see such a well known piece of British history being encroached on all sides by the city of London itself.

We did a circuit of the buildings, and even saw traitor’s gate where Elizabeth, along with less fortunate personages, would have traveled through. The area simply drips with history.

Again, we were not able to take the tour inside as it was out of our budget. Sometimes traveling on a tight budget can be too restricting. But, at least we’re here.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is another magnificent structure that is not to be missed.

Less informed people, over the years, have referred to it as London Bridge, which is, of course, wrong.

Dinner in the Park

By dinner time we were almost dead on our feet. There was a small park near a Sainsburys grocery store and so we stopped into the store and bought items for a lovely picnic.

We then headed off to the park and thoroughly enjoyed a relaxing, unhurried dinner among trees, grass, birds and even the odd squirrel.

Getting Ice Can be a Challenge

Having spent most of our time in North America, having ice in your drinks is just normal.

We have also been used to having a ice bucket in any hotel room we have stayed at with an ice machine just down the hall.

Not so in our hotel in London.

When we asked at the front desk where we might get some ice, we were told that we could get it from the restaurant. (That’s the same restaurant where we had the FABULOUS fish and chips on our first night in London.)

So, we stopped into the bar and asked for ice. We got a glass full of ice to take back to our room with us.

Not exactly what we expected but it sufficed for our needs as we just wanted some ice to chill some drinks we had bought at Sainsburys and brought back to our rooms with us.

Again, another wonderful day in London.

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