At Sea En Route to Victoria

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June 12 ~Day #33
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At Sea

Location: At Sea En Route to Victoria

Today’s Total Expenses: $226.76

Daily Cruise Expense: $222.76
Misc: $4.00 (Laundry)

Open Ocean

Today we were at sea the entire day making our run from Juneau to Victoria, British Columbia.

It appears that we are now in open ocean and not in the Inside Passage. We had taken the Inside Passage at the beginning of our cruise.

Beginning very early in the morning we hit some very rough seas. According to the Captain’s Log, which we could see on the TV in our cabin, the waves averaged anywhere from 7.5 ft to 12 ft. At times the ship felt like it was rolling pretty good and often from side to side.

Fortunately, neither Geoff nor I have much difficulty with seasickness, but that certainly wasn’t the same for everyone. We noticed a lot fewer people at breakfast and lunch.

More Laundry

I took advantage of the lull in onboard activity to get in a couple more loads of laundry. Because we are trying to travel as light as possible (although sometimes it seems like we’ve got an awful lot of luggage) I find I need to laundry fairly often.

Special Chef’s Dinner

The dinner planned for this evening was a special Chef’s dinner and I was really looking forward to it. The staff was going to sing, dance make it a very special evening for all. The entire evening would culminate with the serving of Baked Alaska for dessert.

Well, we didn’t make it for the dinner and it wasn’t because either of us was seasick.


Unfortunately I am prone to migraine headaches and, for some reason, one decided to strike this afternoon. It was most likely caused by someone wearing WAY TOO MUCH perfume.

Why is it that some women seem to BATHE in the stuff? Even if it’s a nice scent, please, please limit the amount that you wear. There are lots of people like me – a strong scent is one of the things that can trigger a serious headache for many of us migraine sufferers.

I ended up in bed for several hours while taking lots of painkillers in the hopes of getting rid of it.

Being in bed in high seas actually worked pretty well as it felt like I was being rocked to sleep.

The headache finally subsided at about 9pm, but our dinner seating was at 8pm. We decided to head for the dining room anyway.

Great Staff

When we arrived at the Main Dining Room the staff was parading around waving light sticks, singing and carrying the Baked Alaska before delivering it to each table. It looked wonderful.

We joined our usual dinner companions and made our apologies for our late arrival.

Immediately both our Steward and the Maitre D’ inquired if we were okay and what they could do for us. As the kitchen was now closed for dinner they managed to get us each a lovely club sandwich for dinner and we really appreciated it.

We were so sorry to miss the festivities of the evening.

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