At Sea En Route to Anchorage, Alaska

Our transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment cost so far

June 06 ~Day #27
Budget to date
Spent today
Total to date
Daily average
Miles by Road
Nautical Miles
Miles by Air
Miles by Train
Total Statute Miles
1307 + 717 = 2024

Location: At Sea Between Glacier Bay and Anchorage

Daily Cruse Expense: $222.76

Heading for Anchorage

Today was another “at sea” day meaning that we are simply putting miles behind us in order to get to Anchorage tomorrow.

On this cruise we will have a total of three “at sea” days. The first, of course, was the Inside Passage, our first full day on the Amsterdam. The second is today as we head towards Anchorage and the third will be after we leave Juneau and head for Victoria, British Columbia where we will actually be disembarking. We want to spend more time in Victoria and then take the train up to Nanaimo to visit with my brother and sister-in-law before heading back to my sister’s in Chilliwack to pickup our car and start the eastward bound part of our North America trip.

Motion of the Ocean

For most of our voyage the seas have been fairly calm but have been a couple of days where we’ve had some significant waves. Certainly not what we would consider rough seas but enough to sometimes get the ship rocking a bit from side to side.

Neither Geoff nor I are particularly susceptible to seasickness but other people, including one of our dinner companions, were feeling the effects from time to time.

As you exit the main dining room each evening you are presented with a choice of mints, hard candies and crystallized ginger. Both of us have been indulging in the crystallized ginger and recommending to anyone who is a bit queazy because of the motion of the ship.

Ginger is wonderful for settling the tummy.

Entertainment Onboard

Each evening there is entertainment in the Queen’s Lounge, a large, two-storey theatre at the bow of the ship. There are two performances so they can accommodate all of the passengers onboard.

They have a talented group of singers and dancers that stay with the ship in addition to guest performers.

Classical Music at Sea

Our absolute favorite so far was a pianist – Elliot Finkel. He not only played for us one evening but today, at 3:00pm, he gave us a classical music performance that ended in a standing ovation.

Weight Loss Challenge

Perhaps the title for this part of my post should be – “What was I thinking?”

I guess it kind of goes right along with the obvious senior moment I had when I decided I didn’t really need to pack a warm jacket for our Alaska cruise. Thanks again to my sister for the warm fuzzy jacket that I have used extensively on this trip.

No, I haven’t yet weighed myself since the first time I weighed in, so I have nothing to report.

I did promise myself that I wouldn’t have dessert with lunch, though, and I kept that promise for a full 24 hours!

Whether you’ve cruised or not, everyone knows that it’s pretty much non-stop food on a cruise. Most of it is really quite good, too.

Last night we decided to eat in the Italian restaurant onboard rather than in the Main Dining Room. You need to make reservations for this restaurant, but it is included in your cruise fare.

I had veal and Geoff had cod and it was obviously cooked to order and delicious. We had a lovely table for two right in front of a large window.

I was hoping to sight some whales but no such luck. Maybe tomorrow.

The Land of the Midnight Sun

We’ve all heard this expression and tonight we actually experienced it.

After watching a movie in the small theatre we went to the Lido Deck for a midnight snack and cup of tea. It was midnight and the sun still hadn’t completely set.

We witnessed a section of bright blue sky with rose-colored clouds and the sun attempted to set just past midnight – incredible!

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