At Sea – en route from Barcelona to Malaga

Our transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment cost so far

Oct 26 ~ Day #169
Budget to date
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Miles by Road
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Current Location: At Sea Onboard the Celebrity Century

Today’s Total Expenses: $102.34 (cruise cost includes transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment)

Miles Traveled Today:
At sea all day, will record mileage at next port.

Lazy Day at Sea

After our full schedule in Dénia and Barcelona, it was nice to have a day just to relax. It was also a good thing to give my remaining footwear a break. It had been a long walk just getting to the cruise ship yesterday. And, on top of that, we spent time walking around downtown Barcelona as well.

On Board Activities

There always seemed to be some on board activities planned and we joined in with a couple of things.

I like trivia games. Geoff usually just plays along and is not as interested as I am, but he usually ends up winning anyway – darn him!

One of the activities today was Gender Wars – a Trivial Pursuit game pitting the men against the women.

I can’t actually remember the outcome, so I guess that means the women lost. 🙁

Later in the day there was more trivia in Hemisphere lounge. Not Trivial Pursuit, just answering trivia questions. People formed teams and won little trinkets as prizes. We never got enough answers to even challenge the winners.

Meet the Captain

Tonight was the traditional “meet the Captain” night. That made it our first formal night and everyone looked terrific!

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