Another Volleyball Sunburn

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Aug 28 ~ Day #110
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Current Location: Davie, Florida

Accommodation: $27.20

Volleyball and Another Sunburn

You’d think we’d learn that playing volleyball in a pool on a sunny day = sunburn.

Well, at least this time we were wearing hats so the sunburn wasn’t as bad, but we got burned nonetheless.

OK its a cliché but yes nudists love their volleyball.

Pig Roast

One of the planned events at the resort today was a pig roast. Twelve dollars was certainly a reasonable price and most people seemed to enjoy it.

Unfortunately we have food in the cooler that just has to be used up before all the ice in the cooler melts. So we had to pass on the pig roast.

Actually, what we’ve been using for ice in our cooler is frozen bottles of water and that seems to work fairly well.

Light Supper

We probably would have stuffed ourselves at the pig roast but instead, because of the stuff we need to use up, we had a lovely cheese omelet for dinner.

We need to be eating lighter anyway and it was tasty and certainly all we really needed.

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