Flooded Campground, San Antonio, Texas

And Then The Rains Came …

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May 15 ~ Day # 5
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Current Location: San Antonio, Texas

Today’s Mileage: None! Total: 1461

Today’s Total Expenses: $44.00

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Accommodation: $44.00
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Geoff mentioned the rain we got in the middle of the night in his post yesterday and as we are each posting every other day, then officially that ran into my day so he left further explanation up to me.

We both heard the rain start last evening and the rain we had driven through the day before gave us some cause for concern about how heavy the rain might be. Keep in mind that this was only the third time we had pitched our new tent and it was about to be baptized for the first time.

The rain started gently at first and I guess we just drifted back to sleep. Then the lightning and thunder started and that registered somewhere in my semiconscious and very sleepy mind.

And then the rain came – really – I swear the sky simply opened up and dropped what it had directly on our tent. The wind kicked in too, just to add to the excitement. But, everything seemed to be holding together okay so I just pulled the blanket over me and attempted to get back to sleep.

Well, at about 2am I was rudely awakened by a gush of ice cold water directly on my feet. Now that is NOT the way to be woken up at any time let alone 2am! I sat bolt upright and tried to determine what the problem was. Geoff was now wide awake, too, and I think that may have had something to do with my screeching about being soaking wet.

What had happened, apparently, was that the water channel on the hatch of the Jeep had gotten clogged with leaves and it couldn’t run off as it was made to. Kind of like guttering getting clogged the same way. But, it just didn’t drip. Oh, no. It waited until it couldn’t hold any more water and then poured everything it had on my feet!

So, there we both were cleaning handfuls of leaves out of the channel, throwing towels on the floor of the tent to soak up the spill. We put all the stuff we have on the trip with us on the floor of the tent each time we set up camp so that we can then sleep in the back of the car. So, all that stuff was in danger of getting drenched, too.

Fortunately, once we got the leaves cleared out the water channel began working properly and no more water got onto me, the mattress or into the tent.

We both crawled back into bed and tried to get back to sleep, curling our legs up so they didn’t touch the wet blanket and sheets. I know I laid awake for quite a while listening to the storm and for any signs that it might be abating. It did start to move off, the lightning and thunder got further away and I think I was able to get a couple more hours sleep before we got up for the day.

The campground we’re in is very close to the San Antonio river and with all the rain they’d had, it was predicted to overflow it banks. The usual camping area was down in a valley closer to the river but the owners of the campground suggested that we camp on higher ground and directed us to a good area for that.

It was a good thing, too, because the San Antonio River did indeed overflow it banks and we watched throughout the day as the water continued to rise and put the entire camping area where we could have been totally underwater. We watched two picnic tables in that area disappear totally under the water, so that gives you some idea of just how deep it got. Had we camped there we most certainly would have floated away!

We had planned for Saturday to be a “do nothing” day. Just sit around the pool and recuperate from the amount of driving we had done so far. And that was a really good thing because we wouldn’t have wanted to pack the tent away wet.

Saturday actually turned out to be a beautiful day. While we were sitting around the pool an impromptu game of water volleyball broke out and they needed more team members, so Geoff and I joined in and, although we weren’t very good at it no one seemed to mind and we had a great time.

We tried not to spend too much time in the sun, but obviously we weren’t that successful, as we both ended up with pretty bad sunburns. We hadn’t brought any sunscreen with us but we’ll pick some up tomorrow because we need to grab a free groceries when we get back on the road.

Because we had decided on some down time it was also a pretty inexpensive day. Just the cost of camping as we already had all the food we needed with us.

Speaking of food, just because we are trying to keep expenses down doesn’t mean that we aren’t eating well or that we’re eating junk food.

For breakfast we had homefries and fried eggs. For lunch we had some leftover chicken, salad and some flatbread.

Geoff already told you about the lovely dinner we had last night for his birthday. Tonight we had sausages, red beans and rice and sautéed yellow squash and zucchini and the rest of the strawberries for dessert.

We’re starting to get quite adept at making nice meals with the resources we have.

It’s back on the road for us tomorrow morning heading towards Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico.

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