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Our transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment cost so far

Sep 05 ~ Day #118
Budget to date
Spent today
Total to date
Daily average
Miles by Road
Miles by Sea
Miles by Air
Miles by Train
Total Miles

Current Location: Winging Our Way over the Atlantic

Today’s Total Expenses: $953.38

Transportation: $939.89
Consisting of:
$919.89 Airfare
$ 15.00 Cab fare
$ 5.00 TriRail

Food: $13.49
Consisting of:
$8.48 Subway
$5.01 Drinks at Airport

Miles Traveled Today:
Road Miles: 15
Train Miles: 26
Air Miles: 4418 (Miami to Madrid)

Busy, Busy, Busy

We are flying to England tonight so this will be a busy day.

Fortunately when we woke up the sun was shining so we would be able to pack the tent away dry.

Our new friends S & B had offered to pack it up later if it was still wet but I’m glad we did not have to impose on them.

After saying goodbye to everyone we had to get dressed, which always feels strange after an extended stay at a naturist resort.

Both the camp and U-Store-It are in Dania Florida so we only had a short drive to the place we store our car. It would actually be cheaper for us to rent a car when we visit Florida but we have been paying for storage for several years and it seems a hard habit to break.

The TriRail station is just a $15.00 cab ride from U-Store-It and is the cheapest way to get to the Miami airport. Your TriRail ticket includes the shuttle bus from the train station to the airport terminal. My only complaint is the ticket machine that gives change in US $1.00 coins. I had a pocketful of the things and the weight was threatening to pull my pants down. Fortunately I was able to exchange them for bills at the airport currency exchange booth. I did not relish the thought of dragging a pocketful of coins around Europe.

Vicky in Panic Mode

Vicky tends to panic when it comes to departure times so we had managed to arrive more than 4 hours before check in. In fact, the airline counter was not even open so we settled down to eat the subs we had bought on the way to storing the car.

Eventually the waiting was over and we got to go through the airport check in process. I’m only half joking when I say we should all fly naked. No more scanners and you can be pretty sure the average fanatical Muslim might be willing to blow themselves up but would no drop their drawers in public.

Off to London, England via Madrid, Spain

We flew Air Europa to Madrid, then Madrid to Gatwick. Vicky can talk about that tomorrow but the overnight flight was cramped. Leg room is always at a premium but the seats themselves seem to be getting narrower. No – actually I’ve lost a little weight so it really is the seats.

None of the seat back TVs were working so we had no movies or music to pass the time.

We did get supper sometime around 11:00pm but it was some kind of pasta dish with a pasta side salad. I’m so glad we’re taking a transAtlantic cruise back. We’ll get a two week cruise with stops in Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands plus all the food we can eat for just $300 more than this flight is costing.

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