Anchorage, Alaska

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June 07 ~Day #28
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Current Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Today’s Total Expenses: $222.76

Of the 600,000 people that call Alaska home almost half of them live in Anchorage. This is a bright, modern city with few buildings dating much before the 1950’s. An earthquake and subsequent tsunami destroyed most everything in 1964.

The shuttle bus from the ship dropped us off in front of the convention centre so the first thing we did was spend an hour or so getting caught up on our posting.

I wouldn’t call Anchorage a tourist city, there does not seem to be much to do on a short visit. The convention centre is a beautiful modern building and certainly worth considering if you are planning a convention.

One of the city’s claim to fame is as the official start of the Iditarod. The Iditarod is a 1000 mile dog sled race across Alaska that ends in Nome. We did not get to see the race but we did get to pet a couple of the future participants. The dogs in the video are just four weeks old and have recently found their voice.

We took a free shuttle to the ULU factory but it turned out to be just another gift shop a couple of blocks away. An Ulu is a native knife that all the tourist shops here sell as souvenirs.

On the way back to the city centre we passed a vendor offering city tours on Segway people movers. I was very tempted because I’ve wanted to ride one those things for years but at $65 each for a couple of hours I just couldn’t justify it.

So we settled for a free walking tour put on by the park ranger service. Ranger Ryan did a great job explaining all about Captain Cook’s relationship with Alaska.

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