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June 14 ~Day #35
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Location: Victoria, BC

Today’s Total Expenses: $94.14

Transportation: $5.00
Accommodation: $65.09
Food: $24.05


Today was a glorious day and we took full advantage of that.

Although the hotel we were staying at in Victoria – the Red Lion Inn – was a bit outside of the downtown area, we decided to walk into downtown anyway.

We had first thought we would get a day pass on the local bus system. The standard fare was $2.50 each and a day pass was $7.00. If we planned to “hop on and hop off” the local transit system then the day pass seemed like a good idea.

However, after speaking to a very helpful lady at the information kiosk in Mayfair Mall, we determined that it would likely be a very pleasant walk into Victoria. She told us she walked back and forth to work everyday and she lived in the downtown area.


I had really wanted to see Chinatown and it was right along the route as we walked into downtown.

I believe that this may be the oldest Chinatown in Canada. I seem to remember someone telling me that but I’m not 100% sure of that fact. If any of our readers know for sure, we’d love to hear from you.

Inner Harbour

The Inner Harbour, right in downtown Victoria, is a colourful and “happening” place.

All around the harbour are small cafés and pubs along with vendors selling their wares. There is also a large native component selling carvings, jewelry and other items that you simply must see.

In this vivacious downtown area you’ll also find a museum and Imax theatre, the Empress Hotel, the Provincial Parliament buildings, parks, a sea walk and so much more.

If you like to watch float planes, and we do, you can see them taking off and landing all day.

Fisherman’s Wharf

We had planned to stop at a pub and treat ourselves to lunch today but after looking at some of the menus it didn’t look like they had what Geoff would consider “authentic” pub fare, at least not at the ones we stopped at.

On top of that, they seemed pretty expensive as well and we have the budget to consider.

So, we just continued along the sea walk until we came to Fisherman’s Wharf. This is an eclectic collection of floating houses, restaurants and boats.

We had heard that there was a small restaurant called Barb’s Fish and Chips and we are always in search of the perfect fish and chips, so we headed there.

There was a huge line up to order so we figured it must be good if so many other people were willing to wait so long to place their orders.

We took our place in the line and while Geoff waited I wander over to the end of one of the docks to see a seal up close and personal. He stayed in the water but this was the closest I had been to any such wildlife. This was the kind of thing I was hoping to see on our Alaska cruise.

After placing our order at Barb’s, Geoff was given a small pager to hold on to and was told that when it went off that our order would be ready. So we chose a seat in the tented outdoor sitting area and waited hungrily for the beeper to go off.

Fish and Chips for Lunch

When Geoff went to pick up our waiting order he returned with two baskets piled high with fish, chips, tartar sauce and cole slaw.

We tucked in immediately and thoroughly enjoyed the best fish and chips that we’ve had in a very long time, and all in an amazingly interesting and pleasant setting. Neither of us could finish the entire meal. Well – okay – we only left a FEW chips each.

Wind Surfers

We continued our walk along the sea and just across from Beacon Hill Park we had the opportunity to watch some wind surfers on the ocean – all in wetsuits, of course.

We also sat on sun-warmed benches to rest and enjoy the day.

Beacon Hill Park

The day was starting to wane and it was time to think about getting back to our hotel and cooking dinner. We had selected an efficiency suite when booking our room.

To finish off our tour of Victoria we decided to walk through Beacon Hill Park before catching a local bus back to our hotel.

In this park there are many peacocks that actually roam free. We were able to get some awesome shots of these majestic birds.

We also passed a petting zoo where both the kids (baby goats) and kids (children) were having a great time playing with each other.

We then sauntered slowly towards Douglas Street (we were getting pretty slow at this point) to catch the local bus. Our total transportation cost for the whole day – $5.00!

We found Victoria to be a beautiful, well-kept city and would love to return here.

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