A View of the Confederation Bridge

Our transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment cost so far

July 30 ~ Day #81
Budget to date
Spent today
Total to date
Daily average
Miles by Road
Nautical Miles
Miles by Air
Miles by Train
Total Statute Miles
3856 [4437]

Current Location: Cape Tormentine, NB

Today’s Total Expenses: $50.21
Accommodation: $16.95
Food: $33.26

Downtown St. Andrews-By-The-Sea

After packing up we headed off to explore downtown St. Andrews. It was easy walking distance from the campsite. There were shops, boutiques, galleries and restaurants and the downtown area was quaint and well kept.

We wandered through a few shops admiring many items but as we still have a lot of traveling to do, buying anything was simply not in the cards.

However, we did stop into the local Dollar Store (there sure seems to be a lot of dollar stores wherever we go) and we did buy a small sewing kit and a couple of luggage tags that were also Canadian flags for our backpacks.

That helped to satisfy a little of my shopping urge. 🙂

The Reversing Falls, St. John, NB

Back on the road again, we headed into St. John. Along the way we noticed a sign for the Reversing Falls and decided to take a side trip.

Apparently the Reversing Falls used to be called the Reversing Falls Rapids but the general consensus was that the name was just too long, so they went back to calling them just the Reversing Falls.

To my mind, they should actually be called the Reversing Rapids as it really isn’t much of a waterfall.

It all has to do with the tides. At low tide the rapids flow one way, at high tide they flow in the opposite direction and at slack tide they kind of fight each other and just swirl around. To see each effect you’d need to spend the entire day and we just weren’t prepared to do that.


It seems as soon as we crossed over into the maritimes the temperature had difficulty getting much over 70 deg F.

We much prefer high 70s or low 80s so I felt a bit chilly most of the time.

Sorry Canadian friends, I still haven’t mastered the temperatures in Celsius yet, but I’m sure you’re able to convert them.

I think the weather forecast is calling for some sunnier, warmer weather. I sure hope so.

Cape Tormentine, NB

We picked a campground near the Confederation Bridge to spend tonight.

We were able to camp right beside the ocean and had a fantastic view of the Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island, which we will be traveling over tomorrow.

Setting up the tent was a bit interesting as it was pretty windy. Actually, it was interesting for Geoff who does most of the tent set up.

Hey, I help a bit from time to time. I actually think I help the most when I stay out of the way. (wink!)

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