A Real English Breakfast

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Location: Burry Port, Wales

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Big English Breakfast

This morning we had a huge English breakfast expertly prepared by E, who, by the way, is NOT English but is married to a Brit.

We had such things as bacon, eggs, sausages, black sausage, fried tomatoes, toast and more. We were completely and thoroughly stuffed by the time we were finished.

Thanks E!

RyanAir Boarding Passes

Along with the many, many rules that go along with getting cheap flights through RyanAir, another rule about providing them with passenger information, such as passport numbers, well in advance and with us flying with them on September 29th, we were getting really near their deadline.

So, today was the day. T took care of going online and making sure that RyanAir had all the info they wanted and then he printed our boarding passes.

We still need to get our carry-on luggage packed, and weigh it as well, but then we’re good to go!

Walk Into Pembrey

As today was such a beautiful day, we decided to take a long walk and actually found ourselves in the town of Pembrey which is the next town over from Burry Port.

Actually, it’s kind of tough to determine when you leave one and are in the other, they just kind of continue from one into the other.

Nevertheless, with the guidance of a helpful resident in Pembrey, we found a wonderful walking path. Even though we were still, technically, in town it felt like we were out in the country.

It was a well-established dirt path with overhanging trees that took us by houses, pastures and parks.

We emerged in a fairly new housing development and continued our walk back to T & E’s house in Burry Port.

Amazing Lamb Dinner

T & E had prepared an amazing lamb dinner for this evening’s meal. It was done to perfection and, once again, we came away from the table stuffed.

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