003 What are your passions?

OK, time to get down to some serious work.

Do what you enjoy

Working online has many benefits but it is still a job. It doesn’t make any more sense to do something you don’t like online than it does in the real world.

It really doesn’t matter how obscure your passions are, the Internet is so huge there are sure to be other people out there that share your passion.

Do you fantasize about left handed purple widgets – maybe you’re not the only person in the world that does and you can become the purple widget expert that everyone else turns to.

My point is that if you are going to be involved with and make your living with a subject you better be interested in it.

If you have looked at any of our books and websites you will see that we are interested in cooking, travel, video and the Island of Eleuthera. These are all subjects we are experts on, are passionate about and can talk all day on.

BTW an Internet expert is anyone that knows more than you do about something.

Do Your Homework

Before you read the next post think very carefully about all the subjects you are interested in. Check Google or other search engine to see what kind of results you get. Are other people interested in the same subject?

Be careful evaluating you search results. I searched Google for left-handed purple widgets and got over 9 million results. Then I tried searching for “left-handed purple widgets” in quotes and got three hits.

After you decide on your passion try to come up with a URL on that subject that is still available,

Think about SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Advertising is expensive, but you need to get traffic to your site somehow. The cheapest solution is SEO – all it costs is your time. Even if you plan to pay for some ads any visitors you can attract through SEO are gravy.

I mention this now because your URL plays a big part in your SEO score. If your URL matches the search term that someone uses you have a good chance of appearing high up in the results.

So before you go charging off and register your domain name use the tool above to search for domain names that are available that are also search terms that someone might use to find what you want to write about.

Beginners Online Business Handbook
Today’s Free Book

Today’s freebie is a book called the Beginners Online Business Handbook. I think you’ll find it interesting and I’m sure you will get some useful tips from it. You can download it by clicking HERE or by clicking the picture on the left.

In the next post, we will get you set up with your own website so you can start making some money.

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