001 How Do We Pay The Bills?

Income Ideas For The Digital Nomad


We are often asked, “How do you afford your lifestyle?” and to be honest, we sometimes wonder ourselves. It has taken us many years of experimenting and tweaking but all the work is finally starting to pay off.

It’s the Internet, of course, that makes it all possible. Wherever we travel we always have access to our servers. The servers are the computers we rent space on and that host our websites.

“So the basic answer to the question is, “As digital nomads we make money from websites that are accessible to people all over the world via the Internet.”

Exactly how this is possible is the subject of the posts in this section. I will try to lay everything out for you so that, if you wish, you can follow us on a similar journey.

Don’t for a minute think you can’t do this. I’m in my seventies (and Vicky’s not far behind) so we understand that learning something new is not quite as easy as it once was. We will not assume that what is obvious to us is necessarily obvious to you.

Before you read any further, did you read the introductory page, here? This section should be read in order so you might as well start at the beginning.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing or online marketing are the general subject categories for all information about how to make money online. It is a huge, multi-million dollar industry, and it’s populated by a high percentage of charlatans, hucksters and snake oil salesman.

Not all, of course, but you need to be careful. I will have more on this subject as we progress but for now please remember that if you see an offer that implies you could be making a six-figure income in less than a year – it is extremely unlikely to happen.

It’s not impossible, but statistically, it’s not going to happen to you. I’m not going to make you any income promises but if you follow these posts you have a good chance of having at least as good a lifestyle as us.

What’s Different About My Advice?

In general, what you read online is written by someone trying to build the coveted “six-figure online income”. I’m not. At my age the most precious resource is time. I’ve had a six-figure income and it’s a lot of work with not enough time left to enjoy life.

We don’t need to make a huge income from our online activities to pay for our lifestyle so we can tell it like it is. I’m not going to promise a six-figure income but I will tell you if you follow my advice you have the chance to live a life like ours.

So What’s The Plan?

I would like to provide you with a step by step guide to setting up an online income stream that will provide you with a sufficient income to allow you to break out from the 9 – 5 rat race.

Along the way I will recommend various resources I think will benefit you in your endeavours. Some of these suggestions will result in us receiving a small commission. That’s one of the ways we pay the bills for our lifestyle. You can be sure that anything I recommend is worth the investment and not just a way for us to make a quick commission.

What Is The Digital Nomad Masterclass?

Well, this is. At least this is part of it. You can follow along with these posts as I try to present the topics you need to know in roughly the order you need to know them in.

In short, it will be all the information I wish had been available when we started to build our digital business.

Not all the contents will be in this blog. Some of it will be content you download, much of this content will be free and some of it will be made available for a small fee. Afterall we do have to pay for our lifestyle somehow. This is the first digital nomad income idea.

How To Make Purchases For Your Online Business

Here’s a freebie to get you started.

The Internet marketing world is a minefield littered with shiny things. It is almost impossible not to be distracted by the next offer from one of the gurus. If you want to succeed you must learn to remain focused. You need a clear idea of where you are going and the tools you need to help you get there.

Click on the image to the left or on this link to get your free download of this important video.

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